4 Ways To Change Careers In Midlife


Planning to switch profession in the middle of your life? There can be four ways, as under. (We also offer a fifth way – The Flower Exercise – but it takes more elaborate explanation.)


Way One: Internet

The first source of information that generally clicks people pursuing a career change is Internet in the present world.

Usually, one can find diverse suggestions on the internet but my personal favorite remains O*Net Online. It is considered a remarkable collection of latest information of over 900 fields that are characterized as: high demand industry; highest number of vacancies expected and preparation or training period required.

Career Test

Way Two: Tests

They are not ‘tests’ in real sense. They can be called instruments or assessments and can easily be found in books, on internet and especially in offices of career counselors and vocational psychologists.

At times, such assessments prove to be the perfect counselor and orientation guide that the career changer is seeking.

Why only at times? Every individual is exclusive in it’s own way. Thus, it’s clear that no test can judge you. What the tests can offer are hints or ideas, but cannot dictate you what your life should be like. Also, do not depend on any one test as it can suggest the total opposite of what is actually right for you. For this, you must take multiple tests.

All said, if tests help you, go for them. You can find plenty on the Internet or get them via a counselor, after paying their charges.

If you need career tests, go for “career tests” or “personality tests” on Google and explore through the results.