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7 Virginia Cities With Worst Drivers

Allstate Insurance creates an annual report based on national accident report coverage, ranking the “worst” 200 driving cities in the nation. We reviewed the performance  of Virginia drivers in that report and came back with the following results: 7. Hampton Coming in at #42 for the “best of the worst” on Allstate’s list, Hampton drivers […]

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Top 20 Quick Homeownership Tips

Choosing the most suitable home to buy can be dauntingly confusing task due to the plethora of options available. Therefore, a lot of painstaking research is required as you comb the real estate market for the best home for sale deals Florida. As such, this article highlights some fundamental guidelines to help you find dependable […]

Fifteen Home Updates That Pay Off In The Long Run

15. Bonus rooms update [sc-ad-insert] To convert a 12 by 12 feet room area into an office will cost about $13,150; this gives a recoup at a rate of about 72%. For sellers it’s wise to know the target market in order to please them. You may add electric outlets in the room. Glass doors […]

America’s 15 most affordable places to live: Pick your choice

15. Mc Allen, Texas [sc-ad-insert] Population: 136,639 Average Home Income: $38,233 Average Home Price: $114,700 The glamorous city of Mc Allen boasts of its great winter weather, low living costs, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables among other great pleasantries. It also has great a medical care so you don’t have to worry about your […]

15 Tips for Selling a Home

15. No stench or other unpleasant smells [sc-ad-insert] It is very disturbing for a buyer to come in and be greeted by a variety of more or less “pleasant scents”. Bad smells can drive potential customers away from buying the house. However, it might not be entirely your fault. Living and residing there, you are […]