A Closer Look At 20 ways to Maximize your 401k in 2016

20. Use A Retirement Calculator [sc-ad-insert] A retirement calculator is actually very important. It will help you know how various savings habits can impact your readiness for retirement. The calculator has actually been very effective, and nearly everyone who have used it increase their contribution. The various tools of retirement can have a positive impact […]

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The worst 15 states to retire in

The worst 15 states to retire in are: 15. ILLINOIS [sc-ad-insert] Illinois is not a very friendly place for retired citizens because of its high retirement living costs. The medical bills for a senior citizen couple may cross the $400000 mark. Sales tax rates are also extremely high in some areas. However, most of the […]

The 20 best States for an early retirement

When considering early retirement there are a number of critical issues it would be wise to take into account. The first is that just because you are retired doesn’t mean that the government is done taxing you, there are still property taxes and sales taxes that must be endured. Other issues include costs of basic […]

25 coolest places to retire in the world

25. Bordeaux, France [sc-ad-insert] Bordeaux is home for quite a number of university students as well as a large English speaking community. A great cost of living. The mild climate here ensures that outdoor activities are enjoyable. Great wines are found in wine shops. Retirees must love this place. The average cost of living is […]